Everyone has a story, right?  Well we love to share the story of how we got here, and to give inspiration and a sense of who and where we come from.

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I’m Joe and this is my wife Lesley we have two girls Ava and Audrey they’re 7 and 5 we live in San Leandro, California and love it here, great community.  I have always been an artist, however that’s not what always did for a living about 6 years ago I was a hardwood floor installer and worked for the union making a decent pay that would support my family, until I got laid off because of the downfall of the economy.  This is what led us to starting Joseph Alan Productions.  Have you ever heard of the quote, “When God wants you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable”?  This was us 6 years ago, we were living on one income and we were uncomfortable.  I couldn’t find a decent paying job anywhere and one day Lesley said to me, “let’s use what you have”.  I didn’t have nothing, but a $40 Nikon camera I bought from a friend and out of no where I received a phone call from a friend who was a photographer, but was moving and was giving it up, she gave me all her equipment basically donated it all free.  It was a sign, right? So, I started off with family portraits, charcoal sketches, producing music, and even preschool portraits.   One day my wife introduced me to a friend of hers and he was a cinematographer, he worked mostly on weddings and was growing, he gave me an opportunity to learn and I took it.  I studied highlights, lighting, equipment, everything I could taken in and learn from I did it and in 2013 I had my first wedding gig and it’s been none stop since then.

This is my art, I am an artist and create is what I do.  I put great thought into music, story telling and emotion of each one of my films.

God Bless,

Joe + Lesley
Photographers, Artists and Filmmakers

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