1. Will I receive the all images taken at my wedding?
    We do not give all the images taken and the reason why is because, who would want to show a picture of uncle Larry with his eyes closed? We take thousands of photos the day of your wedding and we sort through each one to deliver the best images to you and create a beautiful on-line gallery.
  2. How does payment work?
    We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 35% at the time of executing your service agreement and the remaining balance is divided into monthly payments and nope there’s no interest.
  3. Can we have a break between ceremony and reception?
    We often get asked this question, but the truth is we’re always working. We usually follow the bride and groom as they take their portraits and bridal party images, this is the perfect time to get a little one on one time from you to add footage to your video and once that is done, we like to capture the details of your wedding before anyone steps foot into the reception area. Our 8 hour day is an 8 hour day, we are one of the first to show up and one of the last to leave. The only break we take is our lunch break, which we request to be around the same time the guests are eating.
  4. When should I book?
    Typically it’s between 6-12 months, is a good time to do this.  If you’re ready to get started and have questions, please fill out our Inquiry Form.
  5. Can I have the raw footage?
    This is a very common question amongst brides and grooms these days, especially now that computers and technology have advanced to the point where cutting together home movies in iMovie is a relative breeze. One could request raw footage of their wedding for a multitude of reasons, but few understand exactly what raw footage actually is. Most of the time it’s such a hassle, it never even ends up being seen.
    Storage Space
    The first caveat has to do with the storage space that the raw footage takes up. For us, an average wedding of 8 hrs. clocks in somewhere between 100-150GB. For most home computers and laptops, this is too large to save on your computer among all your other applications, music, and photos we save, so it becomes necessary to purchase an external hard drive to store the files.
    Hundreds of Files
    Raw footage is not easy to watch. It’s not something that can be burned to a DVD and watched on your television. Nowadays all videographers shoot on digital media, which means every time we start and stop recording, a new video file is created. Now imagine how many times we do this throughout the entire 10-12 hour wedding day, not to mention that most of us are using 2-3 cameras for each wedding! What you end up with is hundreds of 10-60 second clips which we must then sort, color correct imperfections, and then ultimately piece together to create a story. Who has the time to sift through and double-click, watch for a few seconds, close, double-click, watch, close, hundreds of times.
    Our Solution
    We don’t offer raw footage. Instead we go a step further and take the day’s material and put together something we call “Clean-up Edits.” All of the footage and different camera angles from the Ceremony, Toasts, & Special Dances are edited together and cleaned up for our clients’ viewing pleasure. This extra content is ready-to-watch, and included with every one of our wedding packages.
  6. How long do you hold on to my photography/cinematography files?
    A year from the date of your wedding we delete all files.  We strongly encourage our clients and family members to order extra DVD’s, save your files in a safe place and even outside of home.

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