I am so humbled by the words of clients.  Their words help my wife (Lesley)  and I to continue reaching for our dreams and work doing what we love which is to create art, photography and films.  It’s amazing.  Here are a few testimonials.

Words cannot even beginning to explain how unbelievably happy my husband and I are with our wedding video.
Nine months ago we conveniently met with Joe at a coffee shop to learn more about him, his team and his style of wedding cinematography. We were instantly impressed with his level of professionalism just within our first meeting alone. He happily answered all our questions, loved telling us his story, sharing his favorite parts about creating art for his clients and what made him pursue his dream. We left the coffee shop feeling excited and decided that night they would be the team we would entrust to cover our big day.

Last night we received our highlight film, just the opening alone brought happy tears to our eyes immediately. The short film is perfect in every way. Joseph and Leslie captured “us” so beautifully, not missing any of the little details we spent months planing. All those little intimate moments were there right in front of us.I cannot explain to you how beautiful it is to actually get to SEE your love like that in front of you. We were so pleased we watched the film 3 times in a row, each time loving it more and more! I asked my husband, “Did you even see them there?!? I don’t remember them being there!” Yes, they are THAT good!

If you are looking for a cinematographer I highly recommend Joseph. Food, flowers and decor will fissile from you memory, but a beautifully done wedding film will keep and last forever.

For your reference:
vimeo.com/97167868 –Nicolette


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I have officially watched it several times and each time I cry. It is beautiful. You seriously gave me such an amazing gift. You captured so many special moments. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I don’t know how I can put into words how I feel each time I see this video….I can’t wait to share it with my future children. THANK YOU! – Lisa


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I am eternally grateful for having you both be the ones to first of all, survive the madness of my family, friends, and madness that made up my wedding for 2 nights, but for mostly capturing these incredibly significant moments in our lives and for creating a breathtaking reel that not only reminds me of the billion reasons why I married my soul mate, but for helping me relive those vulnerable states of emotions of pure love, committing ourselves to each other and to God, and all the joyous moments that made up our  B I G day afterwards. I couldn’t be any more ecstatic to show this work of art out to all our family and friends! You both are fantastic at what you do, and your passion for this profession and for each other is directly reflected in your work you put out. As with every video i watch of yours, my own makes me a cry a million times and my heart once again is revived and full of honest love and nothing  but pure, pure, happiness.  I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us! Thank you guys so so much!! –Jamie

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Oh My God. I WISH I could give him 10 stars.

All I have to say is Joe and Lesley’s work is beyond anything I thought I could ever ask for, and I can’t believe STILL to this day, how blown away I am (or my friends and family) by their video production.

Firstly, I didn’t even THINK of getting a videographer because I just thought that stuff was a wee bit extravagant, which isn’t really my style. I only decided to because my coworker (who I didn’t even know that well) came up to me and strongly advised me to do it. After asking other people around, especially very few trusted family members, I decided to go for it. So I did A TON of research looking for videographers with an actual REASONABLE price range, who had very good reviews. Joseph Alan Productions was the finalist in my research and my, I didn’t realize what a gem I found.

In short, out of all the vendors I dealt with and hired, Joseph Alan Productions was by far the top of the top as far as service, professionalism, and even in just being personable.  Joe and his wife Lesley are the heart -the team of this production company – and this is probably why their work has left me speechless.

They were:
– extremely clear in contracts
– extremely clear in what to expect
– extremely organized
– extremely timely: came when they said they were going to come, called when they said they were going to call, sent invoices when they were supposed to, delivered their product exactly at the time they said they would, etc.
– the easiest to work with: they knew they have to capture every moment of this big day and made sure they were there for EVERYTHING, WITHOUT overstepping in our personal space/boundaries
– artistic and sensible in their filming
– thoughtful in coming up with certain shots and scenery that was fitting and appropriate for the day
– extremely kind

Personally I just think of myself as just a regular gal – not a person that likes too many things, or extravagance, or even a person that likes too much attention. When I saw the highlights video, it just made me want to get married all over again!!!

You can’t go wrong with Joseph Alan. I’m telling you they are amazing and you will be SURPRISED how reasonable the prices are compared to most places.
This is your ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience – whether you have 200 guests, 20 guests, or just the 2 of you…. you WILL want to have video there and I promise you you WILL want to have Joe + Lesley. They get it because they’re a couple!
There will be nothing that can replace seeing your day on video – how you walked, how your husband was looking at you when he first saw you, how you were dancing the first dance together, or even capturing the moment of just you and your mom/dad on the dance floor. Do yourself a big favor and do ME a big favor!!! Get Joe to be your videographer!

To show you how strongly I feel about his work, check out my highlights video he did… I STILL love watching it! You’ll notice how amazingly careful and thought-out he was with matching the song (and even some of the lyrics) with all the different actions and scenes..! It truly is like a music video itself!…  Like, who the heck would do all this work to make it like this??? Well, Joe does!!!!


 I really can’t believe how lucky I got with Joe and his team at Joseph Alan Prod.
He did my engagement photos (amazing), wedding photos (double amazing), and the videography/cinematography for my wedding (I was speachless).  He was SO easy to work with and all of our photos and the videos came out perfectly, and even better than I could have EVER imagined.  I sent our video Highlight and Wedding pictures to dozens of our friends, co-workers and family members – none of them can look without crying!  Everyone we showed could not stop talking about the quality of his work.The work Joe does is so personal and really captured the moments of our event. I really can’t describe in words my amazment!His website shows a lot of his exceptional work, and that is one of the reasons I chose him and his company.

I referred him to my mom for her wedding, and I will refer him to everyone I know.  I cant wait to use him for my pregnancy and future-family photos (teehee), and beyond.

Thank you Joseph Alan and team! –Kristen

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